🚀 The Future of AI In Recruitment: Man vs Machine? Live with Reliance, Dunzo and Delhivery

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Whether you are new to the industry or a veteran, Instahyre will keep you updated and on top of your game with world-class courses and skills to learn so you can be a 10x recruiter, always.

Learning Path 1: How to Attract the Best Talent

Course 1: How to Create Perfect Job Descriptions

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What Netflix & Stripe do to Make Job Posts Attractive

Where Slack & Notion Insert Power Words to Attract Talent

How do Uber & Airbnb Get the Tone Just Right in Their JDs

Course 2: How to Become A Social Media Recruitment Champion

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How Disney & Google Use Social Media to Attract Talent

How to Become a Social Media Influencer Recruiter

How Netflix & Uber do Recruitment Marketing

Course 3: How to Build an Exquisite Employer Brand

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Why & How to Build an Inclusive & Caring Brand

How Salesforce & Razorpay Attract Top Talent

How Culture & Leadership Strengthen Employer Brand

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